Deleting an instance of a Class in Python

This program will show you how to delete a instance of a class.

Source code :

class Fruit:
    count = 0
    def __init__(self, name, taste): = name
        self.taste = taste
        Fruit.count += 1
    def displayCount(self):
        print("Total Fruits count " + str(Fruit.count))
    def displayFruit(self):
        print("Name : " + + " Taste: " + self.taste )
f1 = Fruit('Apple', 'sweet')

del f1  #This will delete the class instance

f1.displayCount() #Error 

Output :

NameError: name f1 is not defined

Notes :

Since we have delete the class instance f1 variable, further usage of the f1 variable will show an error

Output :


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